In Lillie’s Voice

The Forbidden Reunion

Video Highlights from November 2018 Visit

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Since 2012, Lillie has been entrapped in an fraudulent guardianship. With the help of her sister, she was able to fight it and be in her Palm Coast, Florida home surrounded by family. On August 30, 2016, she was abducted by court agents. They hid her for over two years under color of law. In November 2018, Lillie's family found her through private investigators. She was almost an hour away in DeLand--another county.

When her sister and niece visited, Lillie was delighted. She said that she had no idea she was being hidden from her sister and entire family, and that her assets were being rapidly spent down. She simply thought no one was visiting her. She said that she wanted to leave and had been "dreaming every night about going somewhere" with her sister. The staff said that she "brags about her sister in New York all the time." She said she wanted to regain her rights back such as the ability to travel. She said she wanted to see and speak with her sister and nieces and nephews. She thanked her sister and niece for trying to "make it right."

View highlights from the joyous and eye-opening visit. Now, anyone who wants to even speak with her needs a "passcode." The guardian is not providing it and the court is looking the other way. On September 6, 2019, Lillie turned 91. When her sister and nieces called to sing to her, they were told they couldn't. Lillie is on lockdown again. As of July 2020, her sister, nieces and nephews still cannot even speak with her. Who will free Lillie?

Overview Video: Where Is Aunt Lillie?

Understand the Backstory - 2016 Footage

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Lillie continues to be "unlawfully caged" in a lockdown memory care facility even though she has no reason to be there and had the means to "age-in-place" as she desired. What is that doing to her psychologically? What medication are they giving her? Why are they blocking ALL communication and visitation with her sister and 50+ nieces and nephews?

It is a vicious human rights violation on American soil. Yet, no governmental agency/official has helped. The Seventh Judicial Circuit Court in Florida (which includes Flagler and Volusia County) has consistently made rulings in favor of their court agents and contrary to the Orange County Court where the case started. Now, the Court is simply ignoring motions for communication and visitation. Lillie is being treated like a human trafficking victim--hidden away through abuse of power while a team of attorneys exploit her estate. Isolation of a senior is Aggravated Abuse—a felony under Florida Statutes.

Originally from a small town in North Carolina, Lillie worked all of her life since she was six years old. She earned a doctorate and had a 30-year career as an educator, including Supervisor of Instruction for public schools in Montgomery County, Maryland. Over twenty years ago, she retired to Palm Coast, Florida with her husband, who was also a respected educator. He died in 2003, and in 2006, she created a Revocable Living Trust, which provided Lillie as sole beneficiary during her lifetime and named her son as a contingent beneficiary along with her estranged granddaughter and her children.

Lillie had achieved the American Dream and now her liberty, property and the life she intended is being stolen from her. It was instigated by a family "friend" and then the estranged granddaughter joined forces with him. She and her team of attorneys spent four years trying to declare Lillie totally incapacitated. In Flagler County, they manipulated the system so that three court agents were appointed. Together, by supporting each others motions and the new narrative, they were finally successful in stripping away ALL of Lillie's rights only after she was abducted and isolated. That opened the door to a feeding frenzy on her estate while she remains locked away. None of it is for Lillie's "protection" or in her "best interest." Yet, the Seventh Judicial Circuit Court continues to sign off on everything.

After you watch the overview video above, check out the additional segments below to get to know Lillie. These videos were filmed the week of July 25, 2016 by Lillie's niece, Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy—a Harvard Business School-trained strategist, award-winning author and internationally-recognized advocate for human potential with a focus on women and girls, health and sustainability, and now elder justice. The videos demonstrate quite an opposite picture than what has been painted in the court documents. Lillie is not incapacitated and she is very clear on her views. Watch and form your own opinion. Then, read how this happened below.

Additional Videos from July 2016:

In Lillie's Voice: Earning & Saving
In Lillie's Voice: At Home In Florida
In Lillie's Voice: The Family "Friend"
In Lillie's Voice: Growing Up In NC
In Lillie's Voice: Plans For The Future
In Lillie's Voice: The Granddaughter
In Lillie's Voice: The Right to Vote
In Lillie's Voice: The Temporary Guardian
In Lillie's Voice: Right to Socialize
In Lillie's Voice: On Elder Exploitation
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As you can see, Lillie is very vocal. In the "On Elder Exploitation" video, when her niece was reading to her how someone gets put under guardianship in Florida, Lillie demonstrated that she understood exactly how she was being victimized and articulated it well. She is clearly not "mentally frail" and seems quite happy laughing and singing with her sister and nieces. Working in collusion with the granddaughter, her firm and Guardian ad Litem, the two court agents abducted Lillie simply to silence her. It made it easier to strip away her remaining rights behind closed door and eliminate her sister, nieces and nephews. It was with bad intent and based on fraudulent representations. That is constructive fraud, which is a felony. Where are the prosecutors?


Using the Elder Dignity framework, below is a summary of how Lillie became entrapped in an involuntary and fraudulent guardianship and is being treated like a modern-day slave.


In 2012, Lillie was independently enjoying her retirement in Palm Coast, Florida--cooking, driving, shopping. She had just spent Christmas with her sister, Janie, and her family who had visited from New York. The pictures show a happy gathering. A few weeks later in January, family “friend,” 79-year-old Chauncey, invited Lillie to visit him, his younger girlfriend and their pre-teen son in Winter Garden, Florida. Before they left Palm Coast, Chauncey accompanied Lillie to the doctor's office. While he was there, he received a two-line note from the doctor stating that Lillie was "mentally incompetent." The doctor then referred Chauncey to a guardianship attorney. Lillie had no idea this was happening. It seems the doctor was a "spotter" feeding seniors into the system. When the doctor was later approached about why he wrote the note, he didn't want to talk. Research revealed that he had been accused of running a "pill mill" by the Flagler County Sheriff.

About a month into the "visit," Chauncey changed Lillie's mail to go to his address. On May 29, 2012, he filed for plenary guardianship without letting Janie know. Two days later, Lillie's son died. It seems Chauncey was tracking the son's health and knew he was in a coma according to notes from his attorney's invoice. In the court documents, Chauncey stated that he was a "nephew." He did not name any living family members. Lillie was 83 years old and of sound mind. There was no need for guardianship. When Lillie's court-appointed attorney gave her the alleged incapacity document while she was still held in Chauncey's home, she called Janie in New York--the person she trusted. Chauncey contacted Lisa, the estranged granddaughter in Lillie's Trust. Instead of trying to protect Lillie from Chauncey's predatory behavior, she joined forces with him. She had just filed bankruptcy and, with the help of her attorneys and the two-line doctor's note, took over as Successor Trustee. She changed the signature card for most of the Trust accounts and put on her name without Lillie's knowledge. In essence, she took Lillie's Trust "hostage."


The initial evaluation occurred while Lillie was medicated at Chauncey's home. It came out later in court testimony that his live-in girlfriend was a pharmacist. Chauncey took Lillie's cell phone and keys, and extended her "visit" for eight months. He told the court-appointed attorney that Lillie had severe Alzheimer's and was too frail to see her family--that they would "agitate her." This seems to be a standard part of the fraudulent guardianship "playbook." When Lillie was left alone for the first time, she finally escaped by calling 911 saying she was being held against her will. The Winter Garden Officer, who spent four hours with Lillie, saw that she was of sound mind and did NOT enact the Baker Act. Lillie called Janie in New York for help. That night, Lillie hand-wrote her wishes which included removing the granddaughter as Trustee. She then got that document notarized. The Judge in Orange County saw no need for guardianship and Lisa testified that she "didn't really know" her grandmother (she later changed her story saying she has had a "loving, lifelong relationship with her grandmother"). The Judge asked if Lillie's niece, Sheila, would stay near her aunt as a caregiver/family support since Lillie had spoken highly of her. Sheila said Yes. She had flown in from New York to help. Lillie fired the court-appointed attorney and hired her own. Janie withdrew from the case thinking it was over and her sister was safe.

The case should have ended right then in October 2012. However, Lisa, and her team of attorneys, instigated further litigation. When Lillie found out that Lisa had taken over her Trust accounts, she went to an independent psychiatrist and he determined that she had testamentary capacity. Lillie removed Lisa from the Trust and Will. She was the grantor of the Trust and had the right to change it. This was before any incapacity ruling. Yet, Lisa and her legal team kept pushing to declare Lillie totally incapacitated forcing her into more incapacity evaluations. They were using the guardianship system as a "weapon" against Lillie simply to access her estate. The stress was overwhelming, and Lillie would cry and not eat or sleep before an evaluation. Unfortunately, the good psychiatrist report was not used and a second set of examiners was called. They met her together inquisition-style and said she was "paranoid" because she stated that Lisa, Chauncey and her doctor were trying to steal her money. Instead of investigating her claims (which were true), the examiners recommended stripping her of all rights. They had the opportunity to save Lillie, but failed. In 2013, Lillie was brought under Limited Guardianship. All of her rights were stripped away except for the right to vote and to choose with whom to socialize.


Lisa's attorneys fabricated a "family dispute" saying that Janie had changed the Trust even though she had already withdrawn from the case and was back in New York. In 2013, the Orange County Judge made Janie Limited Guardian and in 2014, Trustee--both per Lillie's request and direct testimony in court. When Lillie was asked if she would like the Court to remove Lisa as Successor Trustee, Lillie replied, "Without a doubt... She just filed bankruptcy in March, and if she could get her hands on my assets, I would have to go to the poorhouse, because she'd spend them immediately." Lisa appealed the Court's ruling on replacing her as Trustee and she lost. The Fifth District Court of Appeals affirmed Janie as Limited Guardian and Successor Trustee.

In 2015, the exploitation accelerated when the case moved to Flagler County, where Lillie's home was located. The Seventh Judicial Circuit Court rulings were starkly inconsistent and contrary to the existing Orange County rulings.

Through a rapid succession of decisions, Judge Margaret W. Hudson threw out the Orange County rulings and appointed three court agents--guardian ad litem Sean, attorney ad litem Tance and emergency temporary guardian (ETG) Sara--based on fraudulent claims by Lisa. The attorneys were manipulating the legal system by putting forth a constant stream of fraudulent representations. Judge Hudson suspended Janie with no due process or evidentiary hearing. On the first day of her appointment, the emergency temporary guardian Sara, along with the attorney ad litem Tance, filed a false "missing person" and "abandoned house" claim with the Flagler County Sheriff's Office. Sara told the Officer she was going to "put Lillie in a place." She had a premeditated plan and had not even met Lillie or been in her home. When the Officer came to the home and met Lillie and Janie, he observed the house to be clean and that Lillie was safe. The Officer even noted that she "did not seem incapacitated." Paid out of Lillie's assets, these court agents worked with Lisa and her attorneys to strip Lillie of ALL her rights and assets, and fight any defense by Janie. Judge Hudson finally removed Janie as Guardian and Trustee due to "illness" when her blood pressure spiked from Lillie's abduction.


Lisa filed multiple Petitions for Visitation and Communication even after Lillie made it clear to the Orange County Court that she did not want to see her or her children. The Orange County Court recognized that Lillie retained the right to determine with whom she would socialize and denied Lisa's Petitions. Lillie filed a six-page Affidavit affirming her decision to have no future communication with Lisa and her children. She stated, in part: "Lisa soon learned what she had to gain by getting me declared incapacitated and, since then, she has shown me no mercy... [and] has dragged me through these Guardianship proceedings for nearly three years because I believe she wants to take what I have worked so hard to accumulate. I am a victim in this situation, and I want it to stop." Lillie has been clear and consistent with her wishes.

Yet, on August 30, 2016, in Flagler County, Sara and Tance--with the support of Lisa and her team of attorneys--seized Lillie from a doctor's appointment and sequestered her in an undisclosed location. This was a "color of law" abuse of power. There was an Injunction Motion already on Judge Hudson's desk against changing Lillie's living situation, Lillie retained the right to choose with whom to socialize AND there were two police reports confirming she was safe in her home. After Lillie was seized, Judge Hudson ignored emergency motions for judicial review from Janie's counsel. On September 23, 2016, Lillie was stripped of her remaining rights--the right to vote and right to choose with whom to socialize--in a closed hearing with no cross-examination of the evaluators. This goes against due process, the National Probate Judge Standards and likely the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Neither Lillie nor Janie were present. Tance waived Lillie's appearance. After five years of trying to declare Lillie totally incapacitated, Lisa and her team of attorneys--with the help of the court-appointed agents--were finally successful. With full control over Lillie, the collusive team hid Lillie from Janie and her family for over two years until they found her through private investigators. No official in Florida came to Lillie's rescue. They all joined in hiding Lillie so Lisa and the court insiders could benefit from her estate. The system seems to support the predator who will allow for the financial exploitation.


Based on Tance's request (Lillie's own court-appointed attorney), Judge Hudson bifurcated the docket and removed Janie's "interested party" status, stating she was not "next of kin" even though she was her sister and duly appointed Limited Guardian for three years. They blocked Lillie's nieces from testifying, and later evicted Sheila and Janie from Lillie's Palm Coast house. They had remained there to fight for Lillie and protect her home. Lisa's team of attorneys plus the court-appointed trio joined in filing sanctions against Janie even though Lisa did not have standing to even bring forth objections. The governing 2014 Trust had removed her but the attorneys simply ignored that fact. Judge Hudson sanctioned Janie almost $500,000 for frivolous claims. Appeals are based on fraudulent court records so there is not much hope of winning. All of the attorneys have joined to support the new narrative of "protecting" Lillie from her family. Visitation motions have been denied and/or ignored with no actual justification. Anyone who calls for Lillie is told they need a "passcode" to even speak with her.


Sara, the court-appointed guardian, neglected to pay Lillie's bills when she was in her home while charging $17,000 for her first month of "services." The water and TV were turned off while Lillie was in the home, and Sara did not give Lillie a penny of her own money for food. Janie and Sheila were paying for all of Lillie's basic living expenses. Lillie's niece, Teresa, filed a complaint against the guardian with the Florida Elder Abuse Hotline and later with the Office of Public and Professional Guardians (OPPG). After abducting Lillie, Sara sold her beloved home to pay everyone's fees. The attorneys are using Lillie's own money as their "war chest" to victimize her. Lillie is paying upwards of $6,000 a month (estimated $300,000 to date) to be sequestered away from her family when she had a home that she owned and wanted to be in. Sara also hired multiple people paid from the estate and voided Lillie's Revocable Living Trust making Lisa the beneficiary. Despite multiple substantiated violations of Florida Statutes and the OPPG Standards of Practice, their investigation went nowhere. Disciplinary action against Sara from OPPG could provide a "break" in the case, but the agency is dragging their heels. It seems like all the officials are simply waiting for Lillie to die so they don't have to face their own coverup.

Judge Hudson was finally disqualified/recused. Judge J. Michael Traynor let her rulings stand and then made two perplexing decisions right before retiring. In 2018, Judge Traynor made Lisa Guardian and Trustee behind closed doors without Janie or anyone else in the family knowing. They only found out from information in an active appeal filing. No one was given the opportunity to challenge Lisa's appointment. The Seventh Judicial Circuit Court rulings make not sense. The Orange County Court had removed Lisa as Trustee in 2014 based on Lillie's direct testimony. Lisa also did not qualify as Trustee because she had filed bankruptcy.  Why would the Seventh Circuit Court name Lisa Trustee?  In addition, the Orange County Court issued a court order denying Lisa communication and visitation with Lillie per Lillie's direct testimony. In Lillie's 2015 Affidavit, she stated that she "felt victimized by Lisa." Why then did the Seventh Circuit Court put Lisa "in charge" of Lillie as guardian? None of these decisions are for Lillie's "wellbeing" or "protection." Now, it's in the hands of Judge R. Lee Smith. Janie filed a motion for communication and visitation in January 2019. Judge Smith is aware there is recent video of Lillie stating that she wants to regain her rights and be with her sister, but has done nothing. There has been no response to Janie's motion. The Court continues to ignore actual evidence and allow blatant elder exploitation. The Court is failing to protect Lillie and her assets, and endorsing trafficking of a senior. Where is the oversight from the Judge and court administration?

The exploitation in this case is extreme and reveals the playbook of an involuntary and fraudulent guardianship. Advocates agree that it is one of the most egregious cases in the country. Over 10 evaluators and over 10 attorneys with 1,000+ filings have spent upwards of $2 million of the $4 million estate while Lillie remains locked away for over 1,682 days. How is any of this in Lillie's "best interest"? She was doing just fine living her life in 2012.

Who is going to free Lillie?

Is Lillie in witness protection? Is this a national security issue? Why does a 91-year-old need a passcode in order for her family to even speak with her? Now that there is additional proof that there is no "agitation," what will the court do? Will they continue to block Lillie from her sister and nieces and nephews? Will they allow Lisa and "The Firm" to move and hide her again? Will they medicate her to death to keep her quiet? Who will help free Lillie and hold her abusers accountable? How can Lillie and her family regain that lost time?

As an outside attorney looking at the case said, "the attorneys have been masterful at committing fraud just like Hitler was masterful with his moves." Just because it seems like they have gotten away with it so far, doesn't make it right. The state and federal prosecutors need to step up and do their jobs. There is a woman's life on the line. Does anyone care?

Being old is not a crime. Yet, Lillie is being treated like a criminal without even a phone call or visits from family. She is in what ABC News called the “Grey Prison” of a fraudulent guardianship. Who will pardon her?

Watch the videos and come to your own conclusion. Then, share your thoughts. Be sure to read the Huffington Post articles, “Is Elder Guardianship a New Form of Human Trafficking?” and “Seniors Stripped Of The Right To Vote: Florida Is A Hotspot. For more background on this rising form of white collar crime, read The New Yorker article "How The Elderly Lose Their Rights."