In Lillie’s Voice

Lillie achieved the American Dream and now her liberty, property and the life she intended is being stolen from her. After you view the video above, watch the additional segments below. These videos were filmed the week of July 25, 2016 by Lillie's niece, Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy—a Harvard Business School-trained strategist, award-winning author and internationally-recognized advocate for human potential with a focus on women and girls, health and sustainability, and now elder justice. The videos demonstrate quite an opposite picture than what has been painted in the court documents. Lillie is not incapacitated and she is very clear on her views. Watch and form your own opinion. Then, read how this happened below.

Questions to Consider:

Does Lillie seem mentally frail and totally incapacitated to you?

Does the family you hear in the background of the video seem to be “agitating” Lillie as the Guardian and Attorney ad Litem have claimed, or are they simply enjoying themselves?

Why did the granddaughter press aggressively for five years to declare her grandmother incapacitated? Is that behavior of a loving family member or a financial predator? Why is the Court allowing it?

Is Lillie a woman who should be forced out of her own home and put in an institution simply because that’s what the temporary guardian wants to do?

How can the state of Florida take away Lillie’s constitutional right to vote?

Why are those billing against Lillie’s assets trying to silence the family from sharing Lillie’s voice? Are they afraid the world will see Lillie is NOT totally incapacitated and that this is a fraudulent guardianship?

Why did the court-appointed guardian suddenly resign in November 2018? Was the heat getting to high?

Why did the Flagler County Court appoint the estranged granddaughter as Guardian and Trustee in a "secret" closed hearing without letting Lillie's sister or rest of the family know?


Below is the timeline. It could be a case study on a fraudulent guardianship. The actions follow the patterns found in other cases across the country. A friend or family member may start the proceedings, but then the Probate Court takes over the fraud to benefit court insiders.

The Beginning: Captivity and Perjury by a Family "Friend"

Originally from a small town in North Carolina, Lillie worked all of her life since she was six years old. She earned a doctorate and had a 30-year career as an educator, including Supervisor of Instruction for public schools in Montgomery County, Maryland. Over twenty years ago, she retired to Palm Coast, Florida with her husband, who was also a respected educator. He died in 2003, and in 2006, she created a Revocable Living Trust, which provided Lillie as sole beneficiary during her lifetime and named her son as a contingent beneficiary along with her estranged granddaughter, Lisa, and her children. Lillie's son was married to Lisa's mother when she was born, but they divorced when Lisa was a baby. Lisa did not grow up with or know Lillie's family.

In January 2012, Lillie was independently living her retirement--cooking, shopping, driving. She had just spent Christmas with her sister, Janie, and her family who had visited from New York. A few weeks later, family “friend,” 79-year-old Chauncey, invited Lillie to visit him, his younger girlfriend and their pre-teen son in Winter Garden, Florida. Before they left Palm Coast, Chauncey accompanied Lillie to the doctor's office so she could get her blood pressure medicine. While he was there, he received a two-line note from the doctor stating that Lillie was "mentally incompetent." The doctor then referred Chauncey to a guardianship attorney. Lillie had no idea this was happening. Later research on the doctor revealed that he had been accused of running a "pill mill" by the Flagler County Sheriff.

On May 29, 2012, Chauncey filed for plenary guardianship without letting Lillie's sister Janie know. In the court documents, he stated that he was a "nephew." He did not name any living family members. Lillie was 83 years old and of sound mind. There was no need for guardianship. Having taken Lillie's house keys and cell phone, Chauncey apparently found her Trust. Lillie later said he badgered her about letting him manage her assets. She kept saying, "No." When Lillie's court-appointed attorney gave her the alleged incapacity document, she called her sister in New York--the person she trusted.

On May 31, 2012, Lillie's son died of kidney failure. At some point before that, Chauncey contacted the estranged granddaughter, Lisa. Instead of saving her grandmother from his exploitation, she joined forces with him in seeking to declare Lillie totally incapacitated (as indicated in this publicly accessible article).

On June 14, 2012, Chauncey filed an Amended Petition and added Lisa's name. He still claimed he was Lillie's "nephew." During July, three court examiners saw Lillie while she was held at Chauncey's home and received background from him as a "family member." One examiner indicated that Lillie was "paranoid" because she "claims that caretaker is attempting to steal her funds and poison her with medications." It was revealed later in Court that Lillie was on pills for anxiety and depression--medication she had not been taking previously. Chauncey's girlfriend was a pharmacist.

On July 18, 2012, Chauncey finally added Janie's name to the Petition. He knew that she was coming to visit her sister on July 28th. Although on the phone Lillie would say she was "fine," when her sister was there in person Lillie revealed that she was "there with the enemy." Janie asked Chauncey, in writing, to withdraw the guardianship case so there could be a family solution, if necessary in the future. He refused. In order to help Lillie defend herself, Janie was advised to hire an attorney and make it a contested case.

While Lillie was sequestered at Chauncey's house, Lisa and her mother visited. As Lillie later explained, "In the more than 15 years that I have lived in Palm Coast, before she joined to have me deemed incapacitated, I saw Lisa on less than three occasions. One of these occasions was when she came to Florida for one day to hire an attorney to get me declared incapacitated--despite the fact that she had not seen me for many years."

On September 17, 2012, Lisa filed her Application for Appointment as Guardian. She withdrew the Application since she had to disclose that she had just filed for bankruptcy. That same day, she took over Lillie's Revocable Living Trust as successor trustee from her home in Maryland using a one-line notarized statement to that effect. She improperly put her name on most of Lillie's Trust accounts and provided no notice to her as the rightful grantor of her own Revocable Living Trust. In essence, Lisa took Lillie's Trust "hostage."

On September 26, 2012, Lillie insisted on meeting with her court-appointed attorney. He came to Chauncey's home. That same day, Lisa filed a Petition for the Appointment of Emergency Temporary Guardian (ETG) since she did not qualify--even though she knew Janie was willing to help her sister if necessary. On September 27, 2012, the sisters spoke by phone. Lillie indicated that she wanted to take Lisa out of her Trust and Will given her actions. That was her right as grantor of her own Revocable Living Trust and there had not been a ruling of incapacity.

On the evening of September 27, 2012, Lillie was left alone for the first time and took it upon herself to escape Chauncey's house by calling 911. The Offense Report states: "The caller said she 'felt like she was being held against her will.' White said, 'These kids are just trying to get the money my husband and I worked so hard for.' White had no medical conditions and did not meet the criteria for the Baker Act at this time." In other words, the Officer, who spent four hours with Lillie, deemed her to be mentally stable and did not enact the Florida Mental Health Act of 1971. Lillie gave the Officer Janie's phone number and the Officer called her. Lillie's niece, Sheila, flew to Florida the next day. Janie arrived two days later. Lillie had been held against her will at Chauncey's home for eight months, from January 28, 2012 to September 27, 2012.

On the evening of September 27, 2012, before Sheila arrived, Lillie handwrote her desires, which she got notarized. This included removing her granddaughter as Successor Trustee of her Trust. On September 28, 2012, Lisa filed an Emergency Motion for Protection of the Alleged Incapacitated Person to have her grandmother returned to Chauncey's home knowing she did not want to be there as evidenced in the Offense Report.

On October 4, 2012, there was a Court Hearing in Orange County. Having observed Lillie in Court, the Judge denied Lisa's Motion. He asked Sheila, who was already with her aunt, if she could remain with or near her. Sheila became Lillie's family support and caregiver. The examiners' report from July was stale and done under questionable circumstances. Lisa testified, "I wouldn't say that I was that close to my grandmother." Yet, subsequent court documents told a different story... that she had a long and loving relationship with her grandmother. The Judge, who heard direct testimony from Lillie, saw no need for guardianship at that time. Lillie was free to go home.

Instigated Litigation and Entrapment by the Estranged Granddaughter

The case should have ended in October 2012 and Lillie should have been allowed to resume her life with full liberties. However, the estranged granddaughter and her law firm (likely on contingency betting on Lillie's estate), instigated litigation and fabricated a "family dispute" to entrap Lillie in an involuntary guardianship and take control of her Trust. They dedicated the subsequent years to the quest of declaring her totally incapacitated and forcing her to spend her time and money defending herself instead of freely living her life. It was not for Lillie's "protection" or in her "best interest."

Even though the Judge saw no need for the guardianship, on October 11, 2012, Lisa formally indicated that she had "accepted appointment as Successor Trustee" of Lillie's Trust. She also indicated that one of the assets of the Trust was Lillie's home and that she was concerned about "loss or damage of her individual assets" given Lillie's "condition." This declaration was in bad faith since Lillie had no "condition" and had not relinquished trusteeship. Two credible authorities--the Officer and the Judge--confirmed she was of sound mind. Lillie was the rightful grantor of her own Revocable Living Trust and the rightful owner of her own home.

On October 15, 2012, Janie withdrew from the case since she was successful with the defense against Chauncey. Lillie had a new attorney and she said she would rejoin the case if her sister needed her. Then, Lillie discovered that Lisa had put her name on her bank accounts when the representatives at her banks would no longer speak with her. She was "shocked and devastated."

Despite limited contact with her grandmother, Lisa kept contending that Lillie was "paranoid." Yet, a December 18, 2012 psychiatrist report indicated that there were no paranoid delusions but the litigation was a stressor. Lillie specifically named Lisa as the person trying to take her money. Lillie was angered by Lisa's actions and was persistent in changing her estate plan.

On December 21, 2012, Lillie re-wrote her Revocable Trust removing Lisa and her children. Lillie had not been deemed incapacitated, yet Lisa objected to the revised Trust. Even though it should have been resolved as a Trust issue, Lisa's attorneys started to fabricate a "family dispute" to bring it into the jurisdiction of the Probate Court. There was no dispute. Janie was out of the case. Lillie simply did not trust Lisa and wanted her out. Lillie had the right to make that change.

Lisa, and her team of attorneys, kept pushing to declare Lillie totally incapacitated forcing her into more incapacity evaluations. It was like a witch-hunt. The stress was overwhelming, and Lillie would cry and not eat or sleep before an evaluation. Unfortunately, the good report was not used and a second set of examiners was called in to determine incapacity.

On May 8, 2013, three examiners saw Lillie together for 25 minutes in an inquisition-style "examination." They spoke with Chauncey as "family" instead of Janie and simply agreed with the previous reports that had been thrown out. Again, they indicated that she was "paranoid" and "confused" because she believed that someone was trying to steal her money. She actually identified who it was--her doctor, Chauncey and Lisa. It should have been a red flag for the examiners to help Lillie and investigate the situation. Instead, they recommended that she be stripped of all of her individual rights.

On June 30, 2013, the Judge in Orange County named Janie as Limited Guardian. When asked in court who she wanted, Lillie specifically requested her sister. She clearly did NOT want Lisa involved. The Judge said, "I think it's in Ms. White's best interest to have someone who lives with her or who is near her or who's in a position to help her with decisions that she needs to make. I don't find that Lisa can do that."

In the September 18, 2013 Hearing, four months after the ruling of Limited Guardian, Lillie gave very clear testimony. The Orange County Judge stated, "Also note, for the record, that Ms. White has appeared in court today. And I am not making any diagnosis as to her mental abilities. I do not claim to make any decisions about whether or not she's incompetent or not. But in terms of today's hearing, she has been very articulate. And I counted three instances where she helped witnesses in this case recall details. And to me, that suggests that she ought to be able to say, at this point, who can help with her finances."

When Lillie was asked if she would like the Court to remove Lisa as Successor Trustee, Lillie replied, "Without a doubt... She just filed bankruptcy in March, and if she could get her hands on my assets, I would have to go to the poorhouse, because she'd spend them immediately. The Judge named Janie as Successor Trustee per Lillie's specific request.

Once again, the case should have ended so Lillie could resume her life with her family but Lisa continued to push to strip away ALL of Lillie's rights. That was the way to take over the Trust. She filed multiple Petitions for Visitation and Communication even after Lillie made it clear in a hearing on December 6, 2013 that she did not want to see her or her children. The Court recognized that Lillie retained the right to determine with whom she would socialize and denied Lisa's Petitions. Lillie filed a response and attached a six-page Affidavit affirming her decision to have no future communication with Lisa and her children. Her new counsel sought a second psychiatric evaluation that determined she possessed testamentary capacity.

On April 17, 2014, Lillie's counsel corrected any legal mistakes from the 2012 Trust keeping her wishes in tact, per her request. That became the 2014 Trust. Lisa accused Janie of changing the Trust. Lillie's counsel reiterated that Janie was not in Florida and did not change it. Lisa appealed the Court's ruling on replacing her as Trustee and she lost. The Fifth District Court of Appeals affirmed Janie as Limited Guardian and Successor Trustee.

In an Affidavit, Lillie said, "Lisa soon learned what she had to gain by getting me declared incapacitated and, since then, she has shown me no mercy... [and] has dragged me through these Guardianship proceedings for nearly three years because I believe she wants to take what I have worked so hard to accumulate. I am a victim in this situation, and I want it to stop. I am spending my hard-earned savings to defend myself as Lisa takes this case to all levels of the Court system showing no love or concern for me... When my son was very ill and needed a kidney transplant, I decided I would help her by putting her in my Trust in 2006 as Successor Trustee... That was one of the biggest mistakes I ever made because I really did not know what kind of adult she had grown up to be."

On January 20, 2015, Lillie filed a Suggestion of Capacity to regain her rights. Lisa objected to it. On February 23, 2015, Lillie filed a Motion to Declare Lisa and her children not to be "interested persons." She indicated that Lisa and her children were making it clear that they will continue to litigate every document that is filed no matter how frivolous the claim. At that point, she had already incurred $200,000 in legal fees as a result of the persistent litigation from Lisa and Chauncey. She indicated that it was clear that Lisa was only interested in financial gain and not her wellbeing. The Court never ruled on the motion. In June 2015, there was another doctor's report that concluded Lillie had capacity to determine her estate plan.

Collusion with Court-Appointed Agents

In 2015, the exploitation accelerated when the case moved to Flagler County, where Lillie's Palm Coast home was located. Through a rapid succession of decisions, the Judge in Flagler County threw out the Orange County rulings and appointed three court agents who were paid out of Lillie's assets. They have worked with Lisa and her attorneys to strip Lillie of ALL her rights and assets, and fight any defense by Janie. This team of at least nine attorneys, in addition to Lisa, have benefited financially. In essence, the Flagler County Court facilitated the exploitation.

After a failed mediation on December 4, 2015, Janie was told that Lisa's attorneys would "get rid of her" because she stood in the way of them getting the money they were billing. They had invoices of $247,000 simply based on objections. On December 17, 2015, Lisa's attorney filed an Emergency Motion to Appoint a Guardian ad Litem. They referred Sean. On December 23, 2015, the Flagler County Judge appointed him. Almost immediately, he started to take actions against Janie with no actual knowledge of her relationship with Lillie. He had not even met either one of them. He seemed to already have a preset plan. A Guardian Ad Litem is appointed by the Court to protect the interests of the Ward and is supposed to be and advocate for the senior. However, there was an apparent bias and conflict of interest from the very beginning. He supported Lisa in every document against Lillie and Janie.

Then, Sean prevented Lillie from hiring the attorney of her choice, which led to the appointment of Tance as Attorney ad Litem on February 25, 2016. Like Sean, Tance was aggressively adversarial to both Lillie and Janie from the beginning. She ignored information Janie provided regarding Lillie's medication and how it mimics dementia when the dose is incorrect. Tance threw out a good doctor's report and recommended plenary guardianship.

On June 2, 2016, Janie was suspended as Limited Guardian and Trustee with no hearing or due process. In her onslaught of false statements, Lisa made unsubstantiated claims that Janie misappropriated funds. The court-ordered audit and independent CPA report refuted that claim. Nevertheless, the Judge appointed Sara as Special Fiduciary and dismissed the longstanding order from Orange County, stating the Letters of Guardianship issued to Janie "shall be given no force or effect."

Janie's attorney, who had been talking with Tance, abandoned her before the July 1, 2016 Hearing. He had failed to file documents over the previous months and seemed to be working with the opposition. Janie requested a Continuance to find new counsel but the Flagler County Judge denied it. With no counsel, no notice, no petition, no evidence justifying the action, the Judge made Sara Emergency Temporary Guardian upon the recommendation of Tance. There was no evidence of "danger" presented.

That same day, Sara--on her first day as ETG--along with Tance, knowingly made fraudulent representations in the form of a false "missing person" and "abandoned house" claim to the Flagler County Sheriff's Office and accused Janie of "doing something" to her sister. The fraud has been substantiated through two documents they filed with the Court which clearly indicated that they knew, by their own admission, Lillie was not "missing" and was instead at home with Sheila, her niece and caregiver/companion for five years.  Contrary to Sara's claims, the Officer wrote: "I observed the home to be clean and orderly. At the time of my visit, White was not incapacitated... I did not suspect abuse or neglect." The Report also said Sara would be "making living arrangements" for Lillie even though she had not met her yet or been in her home.

On July 28, 2016, Sara physically assaulted Lillie's niece, Teresa, in front of witnesses in the waiting room of the doctor's office. Tance upset Lillie by reading in a loud voice in front of other patients the Notice of Petition of Determine Further Incapacity filed by Lisa. Teresa attempted to comfort her visibly shaken aunt when Sara and Tance went with Lillie to the exam room, but was forcibly pushed away by Sara who locked the door to the waiting room. That event led Teresa to immediately call the Florida Elder Abuse Hotline to file a complaint against Sara for the assault and the ongoing neglect of her aunt.

Sara had failed to pay Lillie's basic bills or give Lillie any of her own money for food and living expenses, yet she was billing $375 an hour for her own "services"--over $17,000 in her first month. Lillie went three weeks without hot water, and at various times the water, the electricity and TV were turned off. It is not like Sara missed paying one bill. She had a pattern of neglect and breach of fiduciary duty. Janie and Sheila continued to pay Lillie's basic expenses out-of-pocket with no reimbursement.

On August 11, 2016, Sara and Tance called the Sheriff so Tance could once again read Lisa's Notice of Petition to Determine Further Incapacity. The Incident Report states: "Contact was made at the home where Lillie was in bed trying to rest. Lillie became upset at the presence of LEO [Sheriff] and Tance. Tance read the document and left the home. The home was clean, tidy, and all necessities appeared to be taken care of... Sara did not have any intentions on removing Lillie from the home if she was being cared for... Lillie had calmed down prior to LEO leaving the home." There was no reason for them to agitate Lillie in her home.

On August 19, 2016, at the Hearing on Suggestion of Capacity, Lisa was pushing to take away Lillie's right to vote and her right to choose with whom she socializes. Sara and Tance "ambushed" Lillie at the start of the Hearing and took her to a room to be examined to determine further incapacity. Lillie, nor her family, had advanced notice of this examination for that day. In addition, Sara and Tance forced Lillie to meet with representatives from an assisted living facility even though her stated desire was to remain in her home.

On August 23, 2016, Sara sent Janie and Sheila a letter stating that they did not have permission to live with Lillie. As a response, on August 29, 2016 at 9:34 a.m., through her new counsel, Janie filed a Verified Emergency Motion for Independent Care Management Assessment of Ward and to Enjoin Emergency Temporary Guardian from Changing Ward's Living Arrangements. At 10:57 a.m., Janie's counsel sent an email to Sara asking her to give her a call and that she would like to reach an agreement to present to the Court on the engagement of a qualified, disinterested geriatric care manager to make the requested assessment of Lillie's care, resident and living arrangement and for no changes to be made until after the assessment is approved by the Court.

Sara ignored the Injunction Motion and email. In the afternoon of August 29, 2016, a woman showed up at Lillie's house saying that Sara sent her. She was there to do "an assessment." She said she was a physical therapist and asked Lillie to walk across the room. Lillie spoke about her background. That was the extent of the "evaluation." She did not assess Lillie's physical environment and mental, social, and emotional functioning and independence in any comprehensive manner. She did not go in any other room, including Lillie's bedroom. She did not ask about the current caregiving situation or existing social support. However, Sara referred to that brief social visit as a "care manager's report."

Lillie's Abduction and Isolation

On August 30, 2016 at 12:03 p.m., Janie filed an Objection to Initial Guardianship Plan which was restricting interaction with Lillie's family. By 1:00 p.m., Lillie was gone. Sara and Tance "took" her from a doctor's appointment in a deceptive manner while Sheila was filling out paperwork in the other room. There was no notice, no danger, no emergency and no justification for her to be removed from her core family support, and they refused to disclose her location. They took her before there could be a hearing on the Injunction Motion and while she still retained the right to choose with whom to socialize. It went directly against Lillie's expressed wishes to remain in her home. This extreme action was endorsed by Lisa and Sean in subsequent court documents. Lillie had been very vocal about feeling victimized and it seems the only way to silence her was to literally "take possession of the body." The Flagler County Judge ignored multiple Emergency Motions for Judicial Review.

On September 12, 2016, while she was sequestered, Lillie was evaluated for further incapacity. The report indicated significant and sudden decline. To the family, this could only mean that she was medicated in the institution where she was being held. On September 19, 2016, Janie was admitted to the emergency room in Florida with extremely high blood pressure and dizziness. She realized that her legal pleadings were being ignored and feared for her sister's life. She was finally discharged on September 22, 2016,

The Hearing for Further Incapacity was set for September 23, 2016. On September 22, 2016, given Janie's health, her attorney filed an Emergency Motion for Continuance and To Permit Immediate Visitation with Ward and Ward's Return Home. The Motion indicated that Janie objected to the Capacity Petition and the reports of the examining committee, and planned to offer testimony as Limited Guardian and Lillie's sister. It indicated that Sheila was going to testify as Lillie's caregiver for five years and Teresa was going to authenticate the July 2016 videos. The Judge denied the Continuance. Sheila and Teresa still offered to testify even in the absence of their mother.

On September 23, 2016, Lillie was stripped of her last two rights--the right to vote and the right to choose with whom to socialize--in a closed hearing with no cross-examination. After five years of trying to declare Lillie totally incapacitated, Lisa and her team of attorneys--with the help of the court-appointed agents--were finally successful. Tance requested that the Hearing be closed and put forth that Janie did not have standing to participate in the proceedings because she was not a lineal descendant and thus not "next of kin," and was not an "interested party." Lisa's attorney claimed that Janie was not a material witness or "interested person."

Janie's attorney put forth that Janie met the definition of an "interested person," had a material interest, was suspended (for no reason) not removed as guardian, and had personal knowledge because of her years of service as guardian and living with her sister. Despite this argument, the Judge granted Tance's request to close the hearing. Lillie's sister and chosen guardian and trustee was deemed "not necessary." Sheila and Teresa were blocked from testifying. Tance waived Lillie's appearance. Only Lisa, her counsel and Tance were present. Janie's counsel could not be present. Only Lillie's adversaries were in the room.

By excluding Janie, the Court excluded cross-examination of the examiners and the opposing voices that would defend Lillie's individual rights. This was not in her "best interest," and has made a material difference in her life and her estate. There was no pressing medical or other reason for Lisa, the attorneys, Sean, Tance and Sara to aggressively push to move from limited to plenary guardianship. The legislative intent is toward least restrictive alternatives.

The Flagler County Judge denied visitation again based on Tance's unsubstantiated verbal claim that Janie and her family were "agitating" Lillie. There was absolutely no evidence provided. Another argument Tance used to deny visitation for Janie were the videos her daughter Teresa filmed of her aunt and her outreach to the media. It is a "color of law" bullying tactic to deny Janie visitation with her sister because of anything someone else does even her daughter. The Judge allowed the docket to be bifurcated on October 3, 2016, nunc pro tunc to September 23, 2016, shutting Janie and Sheila out of important proceedings.

In the December 12, 2016 Hearing, since this group could not get rid of Janie for any wrongdoing, the Judge finally removed her as the duly appointed Guardian and Trustee for "illness" even though her cardiologist confirmed that the high blood pressure was not a permanent condition. In addition, Janie had already been improperly suspended so she was not serving as guardian and trustee. Thus, her health had nothing to do with it. Despite multiple violations of Florida Statutes, Sara was made permanent Guardian and Trustee. Janie's removal was subject to an Appeal. On July 5, 2018, the Fifth District affirmed the Judge's ruling but gave no opinion. Since there were clear errors of law, this "conflict PCA" seemed to be covering for the trial court.

In 2017, there were a rapid succession of actions to further control Lillie and her estate, and to get rid of Janie. On May 22, 2017, the Judge issued an Order so that Sara could void Lillie's 2014 Revocable Living Trust (which had removed Lisa) and authorized for Sara to reestablish Lillie's 2006 estate plan (with Lisa as beneficiary). This change was based on Sara's opinion that this was in Lillie's "best interest"... even though it went against Lillie's stated desires.

Despite being a party to the 2014 Trust, Janie was not served with the Petition or noticed for the April 20, 2017 Hearing. She only became aware of the proceeding when her previous counsel forwarded her a copy of the Order much later. Although Janie sent in a Notice of Appeal and it was signed for on time, the Clerk of Court for Flagler County claimed that they "could not find" the package. When the Clerk finally "found" it, the filing was late.

During the same time, the Judge issued an Order to strike Janie's pleadings for failure to appear at a deposition. Lisa's attorneys chose the date and Janie had informed them and the Court that she would be out of town that day due to a family illness/commitment. She had also filed To Show Good Cause and Request Relief to no avail. The Judge simply ignored her motion. The Judge also issued orders specifically prohibiting Janie and her family from being given a copy of any of the transcripts, and prohibiting everyone involved from ever sharing the contents of the transcripts. They were clearly trying to hide their actions.

On October 30, 2017, Janie was "granted" a phone call from her sister after 427 days with absolutely no contact. Despite court agents in the room with Lillie apparently monitoring the call and a long list of "conditions," it was a loving conversation between two sisters. Lillie said she missed her sister "so much that it hurts to think about it." She indicated she wanted to go home to Palm Coast, as well as to New York where her sister lives. Janie was prohibited from talking about the case. She was not given the phone number and was still not told Lillie's location.

On November 16, 2017, the Court issued an Order Permitting Limited Telephonic Visitation. This was the first Order known by Janie related to the abduction and isolation of her sister. The language used in the Order pre-judged her as a bad person who was "agitating" her sister with no substantiation.

On November 24, 2017, pro se, Janie used that Order to file a Motion To Disqualify Judge. She did not feel she was receiving even-handed decisions from the Judge and had great fear that she would not receive a fair trial. On December 4, 2017, there was an Order of Recusal. The Judge was disqualified from the case and a new Judge appointed. Janie filed a Motion for Reconsideration on some of the major decisions and the new Judge denied it entirely. It appears he is simply supporting the previous Judge's decisions. Janie had a second call with Lillie in December 2017. Once again, Lillie said she wanted to go home.

On February 22, 2018, the Court issued the Order to Bifurcate Proceedings (again) based on a Motion from Tance. By further bifurcating proceedings, Lisa and her attorneys, along with the three court-appoint agents, were blocking Janie from having any financial information related to her sister's estate. It seems they were also trying to erase all traces of the Orange County case history and Lillie's actual desires. Their made-up narrative is that they took Lillie to "protect" her and the spending down of her estate was a result of that "protection."

On March 9, 2018, Janie found out that Sara had put her sister's Palm Coast home up for sale. That same day, the Court issued a Final Judgment that surcharged Janie almost $500,000 for frivolous and unsubstantiated claims and technicalities (i.e. related to the deposition date she never agreed to and ridiculous claims of "poor investments" based on hypotheticals). Janie is appealing.

No matter how improper the action is by the opposition and/or the Court, Janie's only recourse is to appeal--which takes time and money. The strategy seems to be to keep the motions flowing and the billing going while at the same time to overwhelm and bankrupt the family so they simply go away. It is a very high burden to fight this kind of court-sanctioned exploitation and collusion. Whenever one attorney puts in a document, the others support it. With closed hearings and sealed transcripts, they can do and say anything that goes into the "court record" with no opposition. Lillie's estate has become an open piggy bank and Janie is the scapegoat. As an investigator in the Sheriff's Office said, "It doesn't have to be right, if it is made legal."

On June 28, 2018, Janie filed a Motion for Dismissal of Case and/or Sanctions for "fraud on the court" outlining the wrongdoing of all the parties. She filed for a jury trial and followed up multiple times with the judicial assistant. Three months later, the Judge denied the Motion.

Human Trafficking of a Senior

Lillie's extended isolation from her sister and core family for over two years is egregious. It constitutes human trafficking of a senior--abducting, harbouring and exploiting. See "Is Elder Guardianship a New Form of Human Trafficking?" The isolation from her core family has enabled unhampered and extensive "undue influence" with decisions made supposedly by Lillie--and/or on her behalf by Sara and Tance, supported by Lisa--that are irreconcilably inconsistent with her previous decisions before she was abducted, sequestered and had her rights stripped away.

For example, since 2012 Lillie and Janie were fighting together against Lisa and her attorneys. Post-abduction, Lillie is supposedly against her sister (and herself) and has supported closing her sister out of the Incapacity Hearing; removing Janie's status as an "interested party;" removing her as Guardian and Trustee despite specifically requesting her; voiding her own 2014 Trust; surcharging her sister; and selling her own beloved home even though on the phone calls she said she wanted to go back there. It simply makes no sense. It is clear "undue influence" by those exploiting her.

It was revealed that Sara was force-feeding Lisa and her children on Lillie while denying visitation to Janie. It is a very cruel and heinous form of psychological abuse. It's like forcing a rape victim to "visit" with the rapist. Since 2012, Lillie has repeatedly refused visitation with Lisa in court testimony, affidavits, audio/video recordings, etc. She expressed views that Lisa was victimizing her. Post-abduction, with Sara and Tance apparently speaking for her, Lillie supposedly supports Lisa and her children being the only family allowed to visit despite on the phone saying she wanted to see her sister. Again, it makes no sense. This is a part of their new narrative that Lisa is "close to her grandmother."

Lillie has likely developed a form of "learned helplessness" similar to human trafficking victims where her only coping mechanism is to be nice to those around her for survival. This is clear exploitation and "undue influence" by the people keeping Lillie "unlawfully caged" and looking to benefit from her estate. In her 2015 Affidavit, Lillie said, "Truth is important because this whole case is built on lies and it is costing me time, money and my peace of mind that I worked so hard to have in my senior years."

Who will free Lillie? 

On September 6, 2018, Lillie turned 90 years old around a group of strangers. She should be enjoying the privilege of being the matriarch of a loving family of 50-plus nieces and nephews, grand nieces and nephews, and great grand. She should be presiding over family reunions and traveling with her sister as she said she wanted to do. Instead, Lillie had been rendered a "non-citizen." Her individual rights, home and assets have been stripped from her. She is actively being deprived of liberty, free speech and the ability to associate with her family. The life she intended was hijacked.

On November 2, 2018, the Guardian Sara suddenly resigned. Janie did not receive any notice from the trial court. She only found out through an active appeal. Janie thought that was an opportunity to be reinstated as Guardian and Trustee, and filed a Motion to that effect. However, behind closed doors, the Court appointed Lisa--the person Lillie emphatically said she did NOT want over and over again in court testimony. Janie was never noticed about a hearing or given the chance to contest it. Once again, she found out through a substitution in Guardian and Trustee filing in the appeal.

Through private investigators, Janie found her sister after two years. It's bitter-sweet. It is incredible to know where she is but Janie still doesn't have full access to her. Lillie is in a locked-down memory care facility in a unit with people who have severe dementia and she doesn't. What is that doing to her cognitive state? She is paying upwards of $6,000 a month (an estimated $165,000 to date) to be sequestered away from her family when she had a home that she owned and wanted to be in.

Video taken of Lillie the week of November 17th reveal that she had no idea she was being hidden from her sister and entire family, and that her assets were being rapidly spent down. She said that she wanted to leave and had been "dreaming every night about going somewhere" with her sister. The staff said that she "brags about her sister in New York all the time." She said she wanted to regain her rights back such as the ability to travel. She said she wanted to see and speak with her sister and nieces and nephews. Yet, when Janie and the family called to wish her a Happy Thanksgiving, they were told they needed a "passcode" from Lisa.

The new videos confirm that Lillie was sequestered away with no knowledge that her estate was being squandered. The videos confirm that there was no "agitation" from the family. That was an entirely made-up story simply to commit constructive fraud. Yet, no official in Florida came to Lillie's rescue. They all joined in hiding Lillie so Lisa and the court insiders could benefit from her estate. Isolation of a senior is Aggravated Abuse—a felony under Florida Statutes.

Is Lillie in witness protection? Is this a national security issue? Why does a 90-year-old need a passcode in order for her family to even speak with her? Now that there is additional proof that there is no "agitation," what will the court do? Will they continue to block Lillie from her sister and nieces and nephews? Will they allow Lisa to move and hide her again? Will they medicate her to death to keep her quiet? Who will help free Lillie and hold her abusers accountable? How can Lillie and her family regain that lost time?

Being old is not a crime. Yet, Lillie is being treated like a criminal without even a phone call or visits from family. She is in what ABC News called the “Grey Prison” of a fraudulent guardianship. Who will pardon her?

To us, it’s a clear practice of “Isolate, Medicate, Steal The Estate.” Watch the videos and come to your own conclusion. Then, share your thoughts. Be sure to read the Huffington Post articles, “Is Elder Guardianship a New Form of Human Trafficking?” and “Seniors Stripped Of The Right To Vote: Florida Is A Hotspot. For more background on this rising form of white collar crime, read The New Yorker article "How The Elderly Lose Their Rights."