In Lillie’s Voice

Only first names are being used on purpose.

In 2012, a family “friend,” Chauncey, filed for plenary guardianship while holding Lillie captive in his home for eight months. He had invited her to visit and then took her keys and cell phone. He said in the original court documents that he was a "nephew." That was a lie. He also did not name any other family members although he was on the phone with her sister Janie almost weekly. Lillie was 83 years old and of sound mind. There was no need for outside intervention, particularly non-family. Yet, her estranged granddaughter, Lisa (as indicated in this publicly accessible article), joined forces with him and pressed to declare her grandmother totally incapacitated.

While Lillie was being held at Chauncey's home, Lisa put her name on most of Lillie's bank accounts without her grandmother knowing and before there was any incapacity ruling. Lillie finally escaped by calling 911. The police saw that she was of sound mind and did not see the need for the Baker Act. Then, Lillie called her sister, Janie, for help. Her sister has been fighting on her behalf ever since. Even though the first Judge in Orange County did not see the need for guardianship, the granddaughter kept on trying to strip away Lillie's rights. In June 2013, with questionable burden of proof, all of Lillie’s rights were stripped from her except her right to vote and right to choose with whom to socialize. Per Lillie's request, her sister Janie was named Limited Guardian and Successor Trustee. Lillie emphatically did NOT want anything to do with the estranged granddaughter and reiterated that in multiple court documents and video recordings.

Now Lillie is 89 years old and still being victimized--this time led by the court system itself. When the case was moved to Flagler County, the exploitation accelerated. With no evidence and no due process, the Flagler County Court removed Janie (the person Lillie had specifically requested in court testimony in Orange County) as Successor Trustee and Limited Guardian. There was no hearing or due process. The Judge appointed her own agents—Guardian ad Litem Sean, Attorney ad Litem Tance, and Emergency Temporary Guardian Sara--all paid out of Lillie’s assets.

On August 30, 2016, Lillie was “taken” by Sara and Tance from a doctor's appointment. Lillie's niece was called in the other room to fill out papers and when she returned her aunt with gone. The family has not seen her since. She has been isolated from her sister Janie and 50+ nieces and nephews with no reasonable explanation or legal justification. The legitimate family has had no contact with her since. Yet, the guardian has been allowing the estranged granddaughter to see Lillie--the very person who had been her adversary since 2012 who was trying to declare her completely incapacitated.

On September 23, 2016, all of Lillie’s rights were stripped from her in a closed hearing. There were no opposing voices or cross-examination of the evaluators allowed. Lillie's sister and nieces were blocked from the proceedings. Was that in Lillie’s “best interest”? The court-appointed guardian has full power over Lillie’s “person and property.” Lillie is being treated like a human trafficking victim… a modern-day slave. The guardian has isolated Lillie from her family for over 734 days—over TWO YEARS—with no justifiable legal reason. Isolation of a senior is Aggravated Abuse—a felony under Florida Statutes.

In the two conversations that her sister was finally able to have with Lillie at the end of 2017, Lillie said emphatically that she wanted to go home... yet the guardian still will not let the family know where she is being sequestered and is in the process of selling Lillie's beloved Palm Coast house of 21 years. It is a cruel and vicious crime that affects the entire family. Now, the collusive team of attorneys are pushing for Lillie's sister to pay their legal fees so they have more of Lillie's money to divide amongst themselves. Even though Judge Hudson was finally disqualified in the case in December 2017 and the guardian is being investigated by the Florida Department of Elder Affairs for making fraudulent representations, the corruption continues. Who will help free Lillie and hold her abusers accountable?

July 2016
These videos were filmed the week of July 25, 2016 by her niece, Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy—a Harvard Business School-trained strategist, award-winning author and internationally-recognized advocate for human potential with a focus on women and girls, health and sustainability, and now elder justice. The videos demonstrate quite an opposite picture than what has been painted in the court documents. Lillie is not incapacitated and she is very clear on her views. Watch and form your own opinion:

Questions to Consider:

Does Lillie seem totally incapacitated to you?

Does the family you hear in the background of the video seem to be “agitating” Lillie as the Guardian and Attorney ad Litem have claimed, or are they simply enjoying themselves?

Why did the granddaughter press aggressively for five years to declare her grandmother incapacitated? Is that behavior of a loving family member or a financial predator? Why is the Court allowing it?

Is Lillie a woman who should be forced out of her own home and put in an institution simply because that’s what the temporary guardian wants to do?

How can the state of Florida take away Lillie’s constitutional right to vote?

Why is the guardian and granddaughter (with her team of attorneys billing against Lillie’s assets) trying to silence me from sharing Lillie’s voice? Are they afraid the world will see Lillie is NOT totally incapacitated and that this is a fraudulent guardianship?

Being old is not a crime. Yet, Lillie is being treated like a criminal without even a phone call or visits from family. She is in what ABC News called the “Grey Prison” of a fraudulent guardianship. Who will pardon her?

To us, it’s a clear practice of “Isolate, Medicate, Steal The Estate.” Watch the videos and come to your own conclusion. Then, share your thoughts. Be sure to read the Huffington Post articles, “Is Elder Guardianship a New Form of Human Trafficking?” and “Seniors Stripped Of The Right To Vote: Florida Is A Hotspot.