Robbed & Silenced: Where Is Aunt Lillie?

Does she seem mentally frail and incapable of making decisions? Should she be isolated from her core family support system? Should the guardian be able to “force feed” on Lillie the estranged granddaughter — the person who has been victimizing her for almost five years? Why are they really isolating her? Could it be to keep invoicing against her assets? Are they going to isolate and/or medicate her to death as in so many other fraudulent guardianships? Who is going to step in and save her? How do we get Lillie home? View more videos.

Since 2012, Lillie has been caught in the Florida Elder Guardianship system and is being robbed and silenced by an estranged granddaughter, court-appointed guardian, web of attorneys, and others. On August 30, 2016, Lillie was abducted from a doctor’s appointment by the Emergency Temporary Guardian and Attorney ad Litem (both appointed without due process). It’s been 436 days — over one year — and Lillie has been isolated somewhere in an institution although she has a home she owns and loves. They refuse to let her 81-year-old sister and 50+ nieces and nephews know where she is. Instead, they are force-feeding the granddaughter on her — the very person who has been her adversary for almost five years. On September 23, 2016, in a closed hearing while Lillie was isolated, the granddaughter succeeded in stripping away her remaining rights — her right to vote and right to choose with whom to socialize. These videos were filmed the last week of July 2016, one month before she was “taken.” This is our “baseline” in case anything happens to her. Be sure to watch the overview video and then the additional videos.


1. Support the GoFundMe Campaign – Help the family fight in a Higher Court

2. Sign the Petition – Urge the Guardian to allow the family to see Lille and bring her home

Despite being “unlawfully caged,” Lillie is becoming the “Rosa Parks of guardianship fraud” due to her strong voice. She may be sequestered but she will NOT be silenced. She’s inspiring advocates across the country who have had this happen to their family member. Lillie missed her 88th and 89th birthdays with her family, as well as Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. How many more holidays will she miss celebrating with her legitimate family? How is it legal or moral to steal these precious moments away during the winter years of her life, while spending down her hard-earned retirement funds? Let’s get Lillie home and then reform the elder guardianship system.

Find out all the ways you can help. #FreeAuntLillie #SeniorLivesMatter #StopElderAbuse