A Joyous Reunion after 810 Days

November 17, 2018 – After 810 days, Dr. Lillie Sykes White saw her sister, Janie Sykes-Kennedy, and niece, Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy, for the first time since she was abducted on August 30, 2016 by the court-appointed guardian Sara Caldwell and attorney ad litem Tance Roberts. Despite the court agents painting a picture in documents that the family was “agitating” Dr. White, it was a joyous reunion.

When Dr. White saw her sister walk in the room she immediately exclaimed, “My beautiful sister Janie!” even though the guardian had said she did not want to even talk with her sister. That was obviously untrue. Instead, they laughed, sang and looked at family photos. The staff said that Dr. White “brags about her sister in New York all the time.” Dr. White is being held in a locked-down memory care facility with people who have severe dementia and she doesn’t. She said that she wanted to leave and had been “dreaming every night about going somewhere” with her sister. She had no idea she was being hidden from her sister and entire family, and that her assets were being rapidly spent down. She said she wanted to regain her rights back such as the ability to travel.

It was only through private investigators that her sister and nieces found her. She is paying upwards of $6,000 a month (an estimated $165,000 to date) to be sequestered away from her family when she had a home that she owned and wanted to be in. She said she wanted to see and speak with her sister and nieces and nephews. Yet, when her sister and the family called to wish her a Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, they were told each time they needed a “passcode.” Why does a 90-year-old need a passcode in order for her family to even speak with her?

The videos from the visit confirm that there was no “agitation” from the family. That was an entirely made-up story simply to commit constructive fraud. Yet, no official in Florida has come to Dr. White’s rescue even after this new information. They are all continuing to protect their colleagues even though isolation of a senior is Aggravated Abuse—a felony under Florida Statutes.

Now that there is additional proof that there is no “agitation,” what will the court do? Will they continue to block Dr. White from her sister and nieces and nephews? Will they allow her to be moved and hidden again? Will they medicate her to death to keep her quiet? Who will help free Dr. White and hold her abusers accountable?