Guardianship Abuse

The Deception of Protection

By Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy

Imagine you’ve worked hard all of your life and suddenly you are deemed incapacitated and stripped of your dignity and basic individual rights.

You have done nothing wrong but someone you did not choose is given control over your person and property making you a modern-day slave. You may even be taken from your home and hidden away from loved ones while your assets are pillaged. It sounds like Nazi Germany, but this is happening in the United States today. Everything is made legal through a Judge’s signature. You might as well be in prison because you can’t get out. If your family fights to defend you, they are defamed and sanctioned. No governmental agency will help because it’s approved by a shadow justice system--the Probate Court.

It’s all under the guise of protecting you. Reality as you know it is gone. A team of attorneys, examiners and other court insiders have created an alternate reality that becomes the new Truth—but it is all based on lies. It is the Deception of Protection.

Guardianship laws intended to protect the vulnerable are used to entrap unsuspecting people to control their property.

In a guardianship, the court gives one person or entity the duty and power to control the person and/or property decisions of another person. The intention is to protect their assets from misuse. In the United States, it is estimated that 1.5 million adults have guardians who control 273 billion dollars in assets. The Government Accountability Office identified hundreds of allegations of physical abuse, neglect and financial exploitation by guardians but they don’t know the full extent of abuse due to limited data. The U.S. has 75 million baby boomers, 10,000 of which reach retirement age every day.

According to economists, we’re entering the biggest generational wealth transfer ever--$68 trillion over the next 25 years.

This could be a windfall for rogue guardians causing a disaster for families and charities counting on those planned donations. If you own a home or have any assets, you could be a target. In many states like Florida, the predators are allowed to liquidate the senior’s assets before a final appeal. The judge can keep signing off on fee petitions from the attorneys, guardian, etc. The senior is, in essence, paying for everything and denied full due process. Ultimately, even if he/she were to win on appeal and be released from this web (if he/she was not already put in a home and medicated), all of the assets would be gone. It is cruel and very un-American.

We must stem the rising tide to prevent a feeding frenzy on seniors. It’s time to reform the Adult Guardianship system in the US and give elders the respect they deserve. If we’re lucky, we will all get old. Let’s create a society where we can age with grace and dignity.

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