Legal Lynching in Florida

A lynching is an extrajudicial punishment by an informal group often to intimidate a minority group and often performed without due process.

Unfortunately, it is not farfetched to equate the Florida Elder Guardianship process to a LEGAL LYNCHING. The cruel and corrupt guardianship system has been called “Isolate, Medicate, Steal The Estate.” Since 2012, my Aunt Lillie has been caught in this web and the victimization continues.

On Friday, August 19th, 2016, there is a Hearing in Flagler County, Florida to take away Aunt Lillie’s last two remaining rights: the right to vote and the right to choose with whom to socialize–in essence, shutting out her family.

Rights already stripped from my aunt include the ability to make an informed decision to:

  • sue

  • travel

  • drive

  • marry

  • contract

  • determine her residence

  • consent to medical treatment

  • seek or retain employment

  • manage property or make any gifts

  • personally apply for government benefits

Watch this video. Does Aunt Lillie seem totally incapacitated to you? There is a major disconnect between what they put in the court papers and reality. Find out how this happened and help us stop this legal lynching. We must stem the rising tide to prevent a the feeding frenzy on seniors through a legal yet corrupt system.

Please find out how you can help #FREELILLIE. If you have specific suggestions, email