Let America Be America Again [Video]

Artists cover important themes and hold a mirror up to society. Let America Be America Again is an Arts for Justice performance piece of the 1935 Langston Hughes poem that shines a light on the greed and oppression that existed, as well as being hopeful that we still can achieve the dream of equality and justice for all. It is presented by three generations of the Sykes-Kennedy family: Janie Sykes-Kennedy, Sheila Kennedy Bryant, James Scott Kennedy, Jr., Daniel Marsh Kennedy, and the host/producer Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy. Since Ms. Sykes-Kennedy was close friends with poet Langston Hughes, she provides thoughts on him and the piece as well.

©2020 Power Living Enterprises, Inc. Produced/hosted by Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy. Released January 23, 2020, 10:21 min. Categories: Social Impact, Arts for Justice.

At the end, the family makes an appeal for "inclusion, not exclusion," and prompts the viewer to learn more about the injustice in the guardianship system. To sign the petition for Governor Ron DeSantis to free Dr. Lillie Sykes White from a fraudulent guardianship in Florida, go to: http://chng.it/JTL6pcxwYz


To learn about Lillie's story, go to https://elderdignity.org/in-lillies-voice/

Contributed by Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy, Founder of Elder Dignity and Power Living.