Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy at the World Government Summit in Dubai - 2017

We are interested in sparking a citizen movement to transform the current adult guardianship system to one that truly supports seniors and dependent adults. It starts with EDUCATION and ENGAGEMENT of the general public, professionals, advocates, victims and students--our future leaders--who can help co-create the new model. Below are our current offerings:


The Deception of Protection: A Primer on Involuntary Guardianships

Guardianship laws intended to protect the vulnerable are used to entrap unsuspecting people to control their property. This workshop will demystify the growing white collar crime of involuntary guardianship.  Participants will:

1. Learn the three-step process for being put under guardianship and three key actions rogue guardians use to take over the estate.
2. Discuss how to implement four preemptive measures to lower chances of being exploited and four survival tactics if entrapped.
3. Share their own experiences and brainstorm on how they can strengthen their personal and community support for seniors and dependent adults.

They will walk away armed to better protect themselves, their families and neighbors.

From Punitive to Supportive: Transforming the Adult Guardianship System

Guardianship by design is oppressive. It removes self-determination and all fundamental rights rendering you a "non-person." This interactive workshop will challenge participants to tap into their specific expertise and transform the archaic guardianship system.  Participants will:

1. Discuss the punitive and exploitative aspects of the current guardianship system.
2. Learn alternatives to guardianships, including supported decision-making and new technologies to facilitate "aging-in-place."
3. Brainstorm on how to create a new model to allow seniors and dependent adults to thrive.

They will join the citizen movement to help all people truly be protected and age with dignity.

The Gandhi Effect®: Transform Yourself & The World Around You

Mahatma Gandhi believed that all people can shape and guide their lives according to the highest ideals, and that personal change and the ability to bring about social change are linked. Through intention and conscious action, we can collectively prepare the ground for "the world of tomorrow" today. Using the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi as a backdrop, this workshop will provide practical tools for personal transformation and social impact. Participants will:

1. Explore concepts such as ahimsa (nonviolence), satyagraha (passive resistance) and compassion in their thoughts, words and actions.
2. Learn strategies and techniques for setting up their own "experiments with Truth" and creating "zones of peace" in their lives through tools such as breath control and mindfulness.
3. Align personal values with opportunities for social impact, and practice ways to support their work as change agents.

Participants will walk away inspired and informed, ready to craft a fearless and impactful life. This program was conceived by Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy at the Young Global Leader Summit / World Economic Forum Event in Tanzania in May 2010, and debuted to a standing room-only audience at the 2011 Newark Peace Education Summit hosted by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. As biographer for historical icon and yoga master Tao Porchon-Lynch who marched with Gandhi, Kennedy has also shared this program around the world with Tao and will share insights from her mentor's experience.

Mindfulness for Leaders

Transformation of systems, such as adult guardianship, requires conscious leadership. This includes judges, attorneys, prosecutors, agency directors, law enforcement, APS workers, facility directors and anyone else in a position to enact change. This workshop will demystify the practice of mindfulness and offer immediate tools for leaders from all walks of life. Participants will:

1. Understand the benefits and science behind mindfulness.
2. Practice techniques to be more present, compassionate and "we" focused.
3. Identify ways to incorporate mindfulness into everyday activities and improve decision-making capacity under pressure.

They will walk away informed and present, ready to make more conscious decisions.

Getting Your Voice Heard: 5 Keys to Working With The Media

When the judicial system is broken, the media plays an even bigger role in leveraging the court of public opinion. Whatever your cause, getting your message out is important. This workshop will demystify the process of getting your voice heard as an advocate and changemaker. Participants will:

1. Receive five keys to working with the media.
2. Learn three specific tactics to get noticed.
3. Identify opportunities and risks in the process.

They will walk away inspired and informed, ready to share their story with a broader audience.

Dealing with Overwhelming Stress: A Toolkit for Caregivers (or Victims of Injustice)

Caregiving can be stressful and legal abuse can lead to PTSD. This experiential workshop will provide a toolkit to take control of overwhelming stress. Participants will:

1. Learn a framework for recognizing stressors.
2. Use hands-on tools to de-compress right away.
3. Practice techniques to build resilience over time.

They will walk away informed and armed, better prepared to effectively deal with caregiving and/or fighting injustice.


Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy is the primary facilitator who will be joined by other professionals based on the audience and event. CEO of Power Living Enterprises, Inc. and Co-Founder of Elder Dignity, she is a Harvard Business School-trained strategist and internationally-recognized thought leader focused on helping individuals, organizations and systems transform. She leverages her "superpowers" of communication (harnessing the written and spoken word) and innovation (problem-solving using a multidisciplinary approach). Read her bio.

If you have questions or want to book a program, email elderdignity(at) or call 212-901-6913.